Relocating from one home to another requires time, energy, planning, and lots of heavy lifting. Just finding a new home is enough of a hassle, but leaving your old home involves a lot of planning and hard work. Just thinking about how to pack your belongings so things won’t break, how to get rid of the junky stuff you don’t want to move, and how your furniture and accessories will fit in your new home is enough to make your stress levels rise. Your plate is already full enough with family, friends, work, and other commitments. Hiring a Columbus home moving company that you trust is crucial to keeping your stress levels in check. To make sure you hire the right company – a company that is insured, licensed and reputable – use Cheap Movers Columbus to find moving companies that instill confidence.

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Services Offered By Columbus Moving Companies

No matter how big or small your residential move is, it will go more smoothly and efficiently if you use our Columbus home moving partners. They offer an array of services, including:

Full Service Moves

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the thought of a move while you’re trying to continue working and manage all the activities of your busy family, just click on Get Quote and one of our moving partners can take care of the entire move for you. We’ll provide you with estimates from the best Columbus, OH full service home movers who will expertly pack, load, transport, unload, and unpack your possessions so you can focus on everything else life throws at you.

Hourly Moves

Is your car too small to move the washer and dryer you just bought? Maybe you just need help loading your rental moving truck. There are all kinds of reasons why you may need a mover for just a few hours. We can provide you with quotes from movers who are hourly moving experts.

Apartment And Condo Moves

Are you going to ask family and friends to help you move from your condo or apartment? Apartments and condos have special moving challenges. Stairs, elevators, tight corners, public hallways, and long distances between your unit and the truck are issues that can test the dearest family and friends. Let a professional moving team handle your apartment or condo move instead.

House Moves

Moving from your home is emotionally draining. While it’s tempting to save money by doing it yourself, don’t underestimate the importance of using professional movers to reduce stress. Leave it to our network of Columbus movers to hoist your heavy furniture, make sure your big screen TV is handled properly, and settle you into your new home.

Wrapping, Packing & Crating

From a valuable antique clock collection that requires skilled packing to a unique sculpture garden that needs crating, we put you in touch with experts whose crews are trained to the highest standards. Each piece packed by our partners is carefully shrink or bubble wrapped, padded, and boxed. Heavy items are padded and crated for safety. Eliminate worry and anxiety by letting our professional movers wrap, pack, and crate your items.

Piano Moves

Very few people would tackle moving their own piano. Your piano is a treasured instrument, plus it’s extremely heavy, so let the professionals do it for you. Not only do they have the training and correct equipment to handle your piano, they understand that your piano needs to be managed with the utmost care. Save your back and leave your piano to the experts.

Loading And Unloading

If you’re a DIY mover, you’ll be packing, chauffeuring your belongings in a rental truck, then unpacking your things. But who’s going to do the heavy lifting? You can count on our residential Columbus moving services to help. We’ll provide quotes for loading and unloading your rental truck or moving container.

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Your Residential Moving Checklist

Planning and staying organized will ensure you a much smoother and less distressing move. There’s a lot to think about, so use this list to help you stay on track before, during, and after your move.

Get Written Estimates, Then Book Your Move

As soon as you receive our residential Columbus movers’ quotes, schedule your move with one of our moving partners. Summer is a busy moving season when many movers are already booked, so try to get this done right away.

Write Up Your Checklist And Share It With Family

Along with your moving checklist, create a “moving file” for quotes, receipts, and paperwork that you may need for your taxes. Your checklist should include the dates you want to begin or end a chore. Keep your checklist updated throughout your move.

Sort Your Belongings

Organize items into categories: move, sell, donate, recycle/discard. If you’re doing your own packing, start collecting boxes and packing materials right away, then start packing a few boxes every day to avoid overwhelm near moving day.

Take Photos

If movers are packing your belongings, create a photo inventory of your delicate or fragile items. If there’s a dispute upon unpacking, you’ll have a photo record of the condition of your items before packing took place.

Arrange Utilities And Post Office Services

About a month before moving, arrange to have water, electric, cable, gas, trash, and other services discontinued on a specified date. Then, find out which services you’ll need at your new home, open accounts, and schedule the start dates. Use convenient postal service form packets or file your change of address online with the U.S. Postal Service at

Pack The Essentials Separately

Pack several boxes with essentials that you’ll keep with you during your move such as prescription medications, cash, legal documents like passports, insurance papers, jewelry, your moving file, and checklist. Also include water, snacks, basic toiletries, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, a first aid kit, and some tools. Be sure to clearly label “do not move” on these boxes so the movers won’t load them on the truck.

Be Around On Moving Day

Be available to answer questions from the moving team, especially as they inventory your belongings. After the truck is loaded, make one last check of rooms, closets, and outdoor areas to make sure nothing is left behind. Verify that the driver has your correct destination address and your mobile number. It’s always thoughtful to have water for the movers and be sure you stay hydrated too.

Finish Up After Your Move

Keep all your signed off moving receipts your moving file. If you note than any items are missing or damaged, refer to your photo inventory, then contact your moving service as soon as possible. You never know who the former residents gave keys to, so you’ll probably want to change the locks to make sure your new home is safe and secure.

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