Packing and unpacking is not only one of the most challenging aspects of any move, but correct packing is crucial to the safe transport and arrival of your belongings. Moving stress can build as the packing and unpacking questions mount up: How to get all the right packing materials? How to find the time to pack? How to organize? Although there’s an added cost to having professional packers do your packing for you, you’ll save on worry and anxiety because experts will do all the thinking and labor, allowing you to focus on all the other aspects of your move. At Cheap Movers Columbus, we help you find Columbus moving services who are expert packers.

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Trained, Professional Movers & Packers

Hiring experienced, trained professional packers and unpackers is money well spent compared to the stress, time, and hard work involved in DIY packing and unpacking.

Full Packing

With our complete packing services, our Columbus, OH, packers and movers will strategize every step of your packing/unpacking process. We’ll expertly organize, categorize, label, and arrange your belongings using appropriate packing materials for every one of your possessions. You have the choice to add full service packing to your move or you can purchase it as a standalone service.

Partial Packing

It’s up to you. You can choose what you want to pack when you use our partial packing services. Many customers will pack things that are easy to organize such as their books and clothes, but leave the complex, delicate, or valuable items to us. Just be aware that your moving service’s insurance doesn’t provide coverage for items you pack yourself.

Crating Of Antique Pieces And Collectibles

You want to make sure your valuable art, collectibles or antiques are in the best of hands for your relocation. Only professionals trained in properly padding, wrapping, and crating your treasures have the technology, equipment, and manpower to make sure your valuables are expertly packed for transit. Trust Cheap Movers Columbus to help you find trained professionals to pack and crate your valuables.

Furniture Assembly And Disassembly

When moving day approaches your time is too valuable to be disassembling things so they’ll fit in the moving truck. Our movers will carefully take apart your large furniture, beds, exercise equipment, backyard play equipment, home theaters – anything that is awkward and needs special care. And in your new location, our professionals will make sure each disassembled item is reassembled exactly as it was before the move.

Storage Prep

If you’re planning to put all or some of your belongings in storage, professional packers will make sure the possessions you want to store are carefully inventoried, labeled, and neatly organized.


Unpacking can sometimes be more tedious than packing. Not only are you unwrapping each item, but you’re trying to decide where everything goes. This can be exhausting, especially after you’ve just moved. You can trust that professional Columbus packing and unpacking specialists are trained to unpack efficiently and will place your belongings exactly where you want on the same day of your move. They’ll even dispose of all packing material and boxes.

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How To Pack For A Move Like The Pros

Here are some handy tips to help make your packing go smoothly:

Stock Up On Packing Materials

If you’ll be packing DIY style, make sure you’ve gathered plenty of packing supplies before you get started. Nothing is more frustrating than starting to pack up a variety of glassware only to find you must trek down to the store to get more paper, bubble wrap or tape.

Get Sturdy Boxes

Make sure you have plenty of boxes that are sturdy, dry, and have flaps that close. Book boxes are a good choice for packing many household items because their size limits how heavy they can be. It’s tempting to fill big boxes with lots of stuff but then they’re too heavy and hard on your back.

Wardrobe boxes are great for bulky but lightweight items like comforters, pillows, blankets, and large baskets that can go under your hanging clothes. Large trash bags are handy for packing up clothes and bedding but be sure to check with your mover. Some companies won’t take packed trash bags.

Keep An Inventory

As you pack each box, keep an inventory. Use a spiral notebook to maintain your inventory. It would seem handy to keep your list on your computer, but it’s not practical to haul your laptop from room to room or to go back to your desk computer to enter items.

Number the box, enter the same number in your notebook and list the box contents. Only put the list down in a place you’ll call “packing central.” This is where you’ll keep marking pens, labels, box tape, and other packing supplies.

Pack “Essentials” Boxes

The first few days right before and after a move can be chaotic. Thoughtful planning goes a long way to make sure you don’t have to rip into boxes to find essentials. Of course, you’ll have your inventory list to guide you, but you should also create an “essentials” box or two.

Take a few minutes to think through what you’ll need for the last few days at your old location, and what you’ll need right away in your new home or office. One box should contain valuables such as prescription medications, passports, moving documents, cash, and fine jewelry. The other should contain snacks, water, cleaning supplies, basic toiletries, toilet paper, garbage bags, moist wipes, a small first aid kit, tape measure, paper and pencil, screw driver and flashlight, pet supplies, and even some entertainment for the kids. Clearly label the boxes ‘do not move’ so your essentials won’t end up on the moving van.

Contain Cables & Cords

Before you remove cables or cords from TVs, computers or other electronic devices, use your phone to take pictures of how the cables are connected, so you’ll know how to easily reassemble them. Once the cables are removed, bundle them to the item they belong to.

Pack Well In Advance

Pack up anything you don’t need until a few days after your move. Strip down your kitchen and bathrooms to the essentials. Use up food supplies and use your travel toiletries case for the last week at your old place. If you pack out of season clothes, books, decorative items, and art well in advance of your move, you’ll save time and stress on moving day.

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