Cheap Movers Columbus can put your mind at rest when you’re trying to figure out the best way to store your belongings. You don’t really save with cheaper storage facilities because insect and rodent infestations, poor lighting, dirty units, and minimal security can end up costing you the loss of your belongings. Our Columbus moving and storage services provide secure, dry, clean, and well-maintained storage units. If you need storage during your relocation, choosing an all-inclusive moving and storage company will take the stress out of the whole relocation process. Whether you want to store valuable office documents or an entire household of furniture, we’ll provide you with the best Columbus moving services who will customize storage to meet your needs.

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What To Look For In A Columbus Storage Unit

Determine what you want to store and the length of time you’ll need storage. Then consider the following when you want to rent storage space:

  • Cleanliness: You don’t want to have to clean up the previous storage tenant’s mess before you move your belongings into storage. Our Columbus storage services provide clean, dry, pest-free facilities so you can be sure your possessions remain in the same condition as the day they entered storage.
  • Security: Security isn’t an option when you’re trusting your valuable possessions to a storage facility. Make sure your moving and storage company provides quality 24-hour security.
  • Accessibility: Some Columbus storage providers operate self-storage units for folks who may want free access to their belongings while they’re in storage. Other providers operate their own storage warehouses. Either way, we have storage solutions for whatever kind of facility you prefer.
  • Affordability: We provide storage for all budgets. You’ll be surprised at how affordable storage can be when you combine a move with storage services. Click on “Get Quote” to inquire about bundling storage into your move.
  • Selection: If you don’t need access, our moving partners’ warehouses are an excellent storage choice. But if you prefer access at your convenience, you can choose to have your belongings stored in our partners’ clean secure self-storage units.
  • Climate-Control: Safeguard sensitive items like wood and leather furniture, antiques, artwork, electronics, musical instruments, wine, and business records should by choosing climate-controlled storage.
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Types Of Storage Solutions Available


Cheap Movers Columbus provides you with an array of residential storage solutions from our moving partners. Click on “Get Quote” for an affordable estimate.


Whether you’re moving your businesses and need storage during your transition, or just need to store sensitive documents, our moving partners will arrange the storage you need.


Columbus, OH, storage facilities can provide you with secure space for any kind of furniture, from treasured antiques to upholstered pieces. You’ll want to consider climate-controlled storage to maintain your furniture’s condition over time.


You’ve invested time and money in your wine collection. Preserve your investment in a temperature-controlled environment between 55°-57° F.


Artwork requires specialized storage conditions because changes in humidity and temperature cause media to slacken or tighten, paint to flake off, and mold growth. Store your valuable artwork in a climate-controlled unit of about 50% humidity and 70°-75° F.


Off-site document storage is a great space saving solution for businesses and homeowners. Like artwork, physical media should be stored in a climate-controlled environment of around 50% humidity and a temperature of about 73° F.

Tips On How To Pack A Storage Unit Safely

The way you pack your storage unit is critical to the safety of your belongings. Columbus storage services know how to expertly organize and pack storage spaces, from art collections to upholstered furniture. Here are some helpful tips from the professionals:

Write Up An Inventory List

An inventory list is crucial, especially to your stress level. You may know where everything is when you pack your storage unit, but as time passes, memory fades. A storage unit can quickly turn into a jumble if you’re moving containers, opening boxes, and shuffling furniture around to try to locate something you need right away, like important tax documents.

Pre-Plan The Space

Once you’ve secured your storage unit and have listed your inventory, draw out a plan of where you want to stack furniture, boxes, and bulky items. Make sure you plan an access aisle, so you don’t have to climb over boxes and furniture when you need to find something.

Use Pallets To Prevent Moisture Issues

If your storage unit isn’t climate-controlled and the floor is concrete, buy pallets to keep all your possessions off the floor. Concrete holds moisture and with temperature fluctuations, can cause items on the floor to mold. Avoid storing belongings in plastic bags. Sealing items in plastic bags for any length of time invites moisture and mold.

Fill, Seal, And Label Boxes

Try to use only two sizes of boxes, so they’ll stack well. Make sure your boxes are dry and strong. You already know that you’ll place bigger heavier boxes at the bottom and fragile items at the top of the stack. Fill your boxes so they won’t crush. The secret to filling each box is to put heavier items in the bottom and then lighter things on top. Seal each box tightly so dust or little critters can’t get in. Then label all sides of the box so if it gets moved, you can still see the contents.

Maximize Your Space

Dismantle furniture to save space. Removing legs from sofas and chairs saves valuable space. Tables can hold stacks of lighter boxes while heavier boxes can be placed underneath. Use your bookcases to store small items and book boxes. To maximize your storage space, first pack furniture in the back section and use it as a foundation for stacking. Make sure you wrap all furniture in moving blankets then tape the blankets closed to protect your furniture.

Don’t Forget About Accessibility

Pack the items you think you’ll access the most in the front of the unit and be sure to leave a passage inside. Your inventory list will go a long way in helping you access anything you may need while you store your belongings.

Do Forget Hazardous Items

It’s forbidden to store flammable, corrosive or explosive items in your unit. Yard equipment containing gasoline, propane tanks, motor oils, paint thinners, pesticides, and aerosols are examples of prohibited items. Anything that degrades over time and will release fumes or odors, like food, is also forbidden. Food causes a serious infestation problem by attracting insects and rodents.

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